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Pronto works with many healthcare facilities throughout Southern California. We understand hospitals' need to streamline the student compliance process. For that reason, we have developed a customized system that meets the demands of each healthcare facility we serve.

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Compliance Management

Our team of experts are here to solve all of your compliance challenges, allowing you to focus on patient care, teaching and advancing your learning.

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Healthcare Vendor Management

Why outside contractors should be vetted?

When you affiliate with a vendor to provide services, you consent to providing access to your clients, employees, and records, you expose a high level of risk to your institution. Therefore, the first step in every new partnership should be to examine your vendor. You must ensure that they meet and maintain regulatory requirements.

Vendors should be vetted regardless of the relationship you have with any entity. A reputational risk is posed whether it’s a contracted company working directly with patient care or providing other non-clinical services to your facility.

ProntoWellness can help!

We collect, audit, and develop reports on every vendor providing services to your healthcare facility. We work closely with your vendor to make sure they meet the necessary criteria set by your healthcare facility and regulators. Our staff has many years vetting contracted services providers. Many of our employees have extensive experience in human resources and staffing.

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